for underwater hunting

O.Zelinskiy`s invention, copyright certificate
№1208463- Ukraine

K.Khliebnikov`s modernization and design

Material: titanium alloys and corrosion-resistant materials

Construction by Zelinsky, made by Khlebnikov About: 80% titan, 10% steel, 5% fiberglass+epoxy, 2% bronze, 2% rubber, 1% caprolon.

Professional harpoons from TITAN. Made by Khlebnikov (more then 38 years experience).

Different modification. Only individual ordering depends on targets and your force. Very powerful. Ukraine, Kyiv.




The forward case with the coil

  • The small-sized coil built in a receiver (In capacity of 7 metres for a reserve tench in diameter of 2 mm. and the tench in length from 3 metres is on a tench a tripper device). It is used during emergency emersion, from depth of 10 m., and so - for extraction of large fish
  • Directing for a tench - provides reliable dump of a tench.
  • Damping device located in the case stops the piston in extreme forward position.
  • At necessity, the demountable bronze plug under a harpoon, is easily replaced in field conditions and allows to use harpoons of other diameter.
  • There is a coil clamp
  • On the case it is located clamp for packing of a tench.
  • There are fixing apertures for fastening of the block of buoyancy with a torch, or the demountable coil (capacity to 25 m).


The back case

  • Carries out fixing piston and harpoon work, in back position
  • Operates in the mode of injection of air into the receiver
  • There is a regulator of force of fight
  • The valve built in the case, is used for complete or portions of grazing air from a receiver, (through the trunk channel)
  • The tag a tench a tripper device is located on which placing of a tench from 2 mm (to 7 metres) is possible



  • The manufacturer guarantees non-failure operation of system and service of a product within three years (under condition of observance of service regulations and the storage, stated in the present management
  • Warranty service is carried out since day of acquisition of a product
  • the Guarantee on a detail from rubber - 1 year
  • The guarantee does not extend on harpoons, stings and tips
  • For defects and the malfunctions arisen while in service because of the consumer and connected with the negligent reference or infringement of service regulations (mechanical damages, a contamination sand, a dust or a dirt, destruction of details of a product owing to misuse, etc.), the manufacturer of responsibility does not bear. In this case product repair can be executed at the expense of the consumer
  • The manufacturer reserves the right to itself to make changes to a product design



1. Gun “PERUN” 1
2. Harpoon 2
3. Tip “PERUN” 2
4. The stabilizer 2
5. A tench of 12 metres  
6. A rod for pump 1
7. A stripper for the piston 1
8. The piston for pump (a detail 62) 1
9. The piston the worker (a detail 31) 1
10. A screw-driver 1
11. A stripper for epiploons (a detail 61) 1
12. A key (a detail 57) 1
13. An epiploon (a detail 27) 1
14. An epiploon (a detail 39) 1
15. An epiploon (a detail 53) 1
16. An epiploon (a detail 55)- 1
17. Greasing АЗМОЛ-158 1
18. The maintenance instruction 1





(K.Khliebnikov and V.Glebovets`s invention)

No analogues ha

Material - an anticorrosive steel

  • A landing place - a carving of M 6 or M 7. Length-110 of mm
  • External diameter of a tip - 10 mm. Width of tags - 4,5 mm
  • The general scope of tags - of 72 mm. Weight of 50 gramme. A sting replaceable
  • The design allows to fix tags in cross-section position that gives the chance to make charging of a gun without extras
  • Tags open at target defeat automatically
  • At removal of extraction from a harpoon, tags are fixed in the tip case
  • The excellent ballistics is provided by that tags do not support the tip case
  • The replaceable sting is carried out at will of the customer of any configuration

It is recommended to apply to hunting for all kinds of fishes, from a crucian, a pike perch, a sazan to a large catfish
Guarantee 3 years

The price – 50 €


The case strengthened


Material - waterproof

The price – 100 €



The bandage under the weight belt "Perun" is applied by underwater hunters since 1979
has exclusively positive responses

  • Considerably reduces static loading by a backbone
  • Prevents backbone deformation
  • Eliminates heat transfer in the area of contact with a weight belt back
  • Reliably fixes a weight belt on a back, excludes its moving at immersing

Material - stainless steel and microporous rubber
Weight - 700 gramme
Total area - 700 sm2
The price - without a belt, a buckle and cargoes - 70 €



The product characteristic

Length of a receiverAction radiusLength of a tenchWeightThe price in euro
300 мм 2,5 м 9,5 м 690 g 1650
400 мм 3,5 м 10,5 м 760 g 1750
500 мм 4,5 м 11,5 м 830 g 1850
600 мм 5,5 м 12,5 м 900 g 1950

The product works without air expense. Working pressure 15-30 Mpa

The small-sized coil in volume of 7 metres, at diameter of a tench of 2 mm. It is built in a weapon receiver. Force of fight is regulated.

Товарный знак на корпусе ресивера
Original engraving
 Товарный знак на корпусе ресивера
On a product there
is a personal brand
of the master K.Khliebnikov


  • The product is executed from titanic and other anticorrosive alloys and materials thanks to what high reliability and durability of knots is reached. The design allows to use harpoons in diameter - 6,5 mm., 7 mm., 8 mm
  • The system has soft and long enough descent which excludes a spontaneous shot. Harpoon fixing, back
  • External details of system are processed by the special way, protecting them from scratches
  • The product is intended for hunting in fresh and salty water
  • Presence of the reserve tench located on the small-sized coil built in receiver, allows to regulate length of a working part of a tench in case of formation of knots on it. So - allows to carry out emergency lifting of the hunter from a reservoir bottom at extreme situations. It is used at hunting for large fish or when the harpoon has got stuck in stones, at the bottom of a reservoir
  • The tench after a shot is dumped automatically
  • The regulator of force of fight, allows to correct force of fight in a range from 20 % to 100 % of capacity, and gives the chance to amaze extraction, not having damaged thus a harpoon tip, in cases when hunting occurs against rocky breeds.
  • Assemblage, dismantling and product service are made without application of special devices and mechanisms in house or field conditions
  • The system design allows to carry out additional charge by air on shoal, by means of a harpoon
  • By means of floats from microporous rubber in the thickness of 8 mm. In the form of the tubes dressed on a receiver, it is possible to achieve positive buoyancy of a product easily
  • All details of the given product are as much as possible facilitated in order to avoid weariness of a brush of a hand of the hunter during long hunting
  • Air in a receiver is pumped without the pump, by means of a harpoon or a rod for pump air
  • The product Handle is covered by corrugated rubber for prevention skipping from a hand of the hunter during skin diving
  • At correct operation of a product only pistons and rubber epiploons which if necessary are simply enough replaced with the spare, in due course, wear out
  • Under a receiver the place for fastening of the block of buoyancy with a lantern or the demountable coil in capacity of 25 metres is provided
  • Term of operation of a product not less than 25 years (the request not to confuse to warranty service)
  • The majority of details in a product are precision. Reliability it delivers to you many pleasant minutes during skin diving



The note: complete set can be changed at will of the customer

  • The handle can be located in any place on a receiver
  • Case for system and additional accessories are made at additional expens

Term of manufacturing of the order 3 months. An advance payment - 30 %.

Product delivery, at will of the client - express or post office



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